Remove Student Debts Forever – Secrets Revealed

The SDWP has uncovered a stunning book that can show virtually all student debtors how to legally eliminate all their student loans within months and without ever having to pay them back. Yet this claim is considered unbelievable by critics so we investigated the critics, the book and author, and, in fact, everyone we could find who claimed to be somewhat of an expert on any aspect of student loans and their related issues. What we found was shocking!

Student debtor rights, laws, and the spectrum of impacts on such debtors and their families is one of the most highly complex and least understood issues in America. From our extensive investigation at the Student Debt War Project (SDWP), we have discovered that most-all experts are topic experts only and they do not have knowledge on the full spectrum or issues or laws that relate to or impact the subject or issues. This is one of the reasons why so much misinformation on the subject has been disseminated.

The other major reason there is so much misinformation out there is because the banking and education industries have expended a great deal of time and money to spread false or half-truth propaganda that is largely intended to maintain the status quo. In other words, lenders and educators profit more when tuition, hence student loan balances, rise. Never mind the harms placed on students who have to try and repay affordable college loans, interests and penalties. Never mind that student’s Rights have been infringed on or that the are being discriminated against in violation of the Constitution and other laws. Instead, lenders and educators help fund nonprofit groups that act as though they care about students and want to help them. The point the way toward alternative payment plans and other programs and claim such programs will help students—but in 100% of the cases, the alternative payment plan or program will end up causing more harm than it solves—but never mind that.

Statistics now reveal that over 50% of all student debtors will default on their student loans within 15-years and that such a group will eventually be converted into life-time debt slaves to the federal government. That’s 1 loser for every 2 college graduates. That was not what the student loan guarantee program envisioned but nevertheless, that is what it is now documented to be achieving.

Our investigation also revealed that one author had been making wild claims that his book could, in fact, help most students to eliminate most or all of their student debts. The title of the book is “Remove Student Debts – Stunning Secrets Revealed”. As we have reported on this website (previous to the hacking job that caused it to melt-down), the author wants to remain anonymous. He  simply fears federal government retaliations and given his personal history and documentation showing past police power abuses, we agreed that it a good idea to keep his identity secret (at least for now).

What we uncovered is that Author X has been working on the student loan issue full time since mid 2011 and has an extensive knowledge of the issues and subject that actually spans the known galaxy on the subject. After detailed inquires we concluded he is the top expert on the issue, bar none. He showed us copies of little known laws, case laws, histories and more than backed up his story and more. And after long deliberations, the SDWP was able to secure a deal to sell his book in exchange for most profits going to the SDWP to help us in our pursuit to stop student debtor indenturement in America. There is only one catch.

The book’s techniques are perfectly legal, moral and ethical to use and apply and most student debtors who do so should get relief, say Author X. However, once the secrets are revealed, the federal government will immediately step in to close all the loop-holes and therefor prevent other students from gaining relief. This poses a dilemma, he says. If the book is sold at a rate of say 1,000 copies per month, then by month 6 only 6,000 students will have gotten access to the information so as to have a chance to use it. Once the book is released, the lending and education industries will move in to instantly alert Congress and therefore effect barriers that prevent future students from gaining debt relief using the book’s techniques. A solution needed to be found.

The solution settled on was that Author X would release the book to the public with a 60-day money back guarantee once 1 million student debtors signed up on the book’s waiting list (no obligation waiting list). At least then a sizable number of students could seek relief at the same time and get it before any loopholes were shut. Sadly, the SDWP has not had a professional team of volunteers with the needed technology skills to lend us a hand toward getting the 1 million pre-book orders. Therefore, the book remains in limbo.


“Remove Student Debts – Stunning Secrets Revealed”

Do you need to eliminate $10k, $50k, $250k or more in student loan debts? Want to do it in a few short months instead of being oppressed by unrelenting debt for the remainder of your life? Then read on… you just hit the jackpot and found the only book and system in the United States that will show you exactly how to get a fresh start and do it in a legal way that will not harm your credit—the very secrets the federal government, lenders, guarantors, educators, and others never thought you would discover! And what’s more, you could even get paid to do it!!!

By discovering, learning, and applying these secrets, you will not only help yourself or family members to become free of government oppression to break the modern, predatory, debt-slavery scam, but you will also be doing your part to protect US taxpayers while helping to fix the broken and corrupt student loan debt systems and all its interrelated scions

This is the first book of its kind anywhere written by one of the foremost authorities on “big picture” United States issues from a research and analysis perspective who regularly teaches attorneys, educators, nonprofits, grass roots advocates, experts and even members of Congress. In other words, the information is not your normal mainstream regurgitation of old, worn out ideas and processes typically forwarded through surrogates to the lending industry and disguised as helpful and concerned nonprofits—this is the real “meat and potato” solution you have been looking for!

“Remove Student Debts – Stunning Secrets Revealed” comes with a full 60-day money back guarantee.

How much would you pay to be shed of lifetime debt slavery and $10k, $20k or even $200k in student loan debts!

This is no gimmick. Sign-up today and get on the e-mail alert list so you can be the first to get your copy of this amazing book.

The majority of proceeds benefit the Student Debt War Project

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