High Stakes Gamble Of Student Debt: Obama and Dems Anti-American Dream

Since taking office, President Obama and the Democrat Party have not taken any significant efforts to truly help families and students when it comes to the cost of higher education and student loans and the long list of injustices associated with them. Today, millions of student debtors and families are still struggling to survive, oppressed by suffocating student debts that are putting the clamps on a decent standard of living for those who made the mistake of going to college and using debt financing.

Students across the nation, regardless of party affiliation, are having their bank accounts and assets confiscated, their parents and grandparents harassed by creditors, and are essentially being omitted from the American Dream.

The White House (Executive Branch) is in charge of all student debt collection practices and policies so when student debt collectors breach the law, lie to debtors, or otherwise harm student debtors or their parents and grandparents, it is a direct result of the White House Administration’s policies as dictated to the Department of Education, which, in turn, dictates student debt collection policies to the nation’s long list of student loan guarantors. In other words, when that student debt collector knocks on the door or tows away a student’s vehicle to get payment, it is just as though President Obama himself is doing it.

The SDWP is constantly receiving reports from around the country whereby disabled and dying people and those literally unable to feed and cloth themselves due to a lack of sufficient employment or economic opportunities are still being strongly harassed by student debt collectors. Others report their employers are being intimidated–others that they have been fired due to the actions of aggressive student debt collectors.

Then there is the soaring cost of the student debts and usury practices installed by the banking lobby to ensure students are punished with the highest costs possible so that profiteering can stay viable.

In one case reported to the SDWP, a woman made her standard student loan payments for over 15-years and when she got her loan balance paperwork, she discovered she owed more than when she got the loans to start. And this is a common report, not an isolated case.

In examining the big picture, it is clear that Obama and Democrat’s student debt and collection policies have been clearly designed (by view of actions, not words) to be economically oppressive and destructive in nature–to have the real effect of keeping student debtors in debt and under the oppressive thumb of the federal government—to ultimately remove the student debtor population from the national economy as a meaningful consumer set. It is yet one more powerful attack on the nation’s economy and individual Rights.

Sadly, we are now seeing the reality that college is no longer being associated with offering an individual a better standard of living in America–the student debtor will struggle for 20, 25, 30 years or even a lifetime in trying to repay their student loans—that debt payment amounts diverted from being spent on an improve lifestyle or the American Dream—diverted from the consumer society and economy.

When we understand that over 50% of all of today’s student debtors will eventually default on their student loans and literally become indentured slave to the federal government for the remainder of their lives, then we can see that college is increasingly a bad option if it comes with student debts. For if the college student and debtor should make just one mistake, their shot at the American Dream will be killed as they struggle to ensure a lifetime of poverty, oppression and misery—making it one of the highest stakes gambles in a person’s life.

The SDWP recommends that those considering college should do everything in their power to never assume a student loan of any type. College is a good thing, but student loans will, statistically speaking, ensure that any and all college benefits will ultimately be lost under the burden of student debt and the Draconian laws that ensure it remains lifetime debt–nearly 100% inescapable!


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