Student Debtor Defeats Two Billion Dollar Corporations

Could a student debtor defeat two billion dollar corporations with no legal experience?

With no money, pending homelessness, mounting health issues, no lawyer, and having never been in a lawsuit or exposed to law school, a student debtor defeated two of the most powerful student debt corporations in the world and discharged over $121,000 in student debts. And best of all, she wants to show other needful students how to do it, too!

For the moment, this remarkable nobody wishes to remain anonymous to avoid any potential limelight so she has asked us not to use her real name or location. We simply call her Ms. Green. And here is a small part of her amazing story.

Like most well-meaning college students, Ms Green sought a higher education because she believed it would lead to a higher income that would easily allow her to make student debt payments and still have plenty of excess income left over to move up economically. Sadly, like so many other students today, she was wrong. After years of trials and tribulations and her education proving to be worthless economically, she found herself facing student loan debts that were realistically un-payable, even with a great job. Interest, penalties and other costs had pushed her debts to double in size.

“In order to repay my loans prior to my retirement, the payment would have to have been about $2,400 monthly and I could not even pay my rent,” she said. “I’d lost my job, then the federal government destroyed the economy with the subprime loan scandal and I was forced into long-term unemployment and eventually destitution,” she said. “I had no choice but to fight to have my student loans discharged.”

What followed was nothing less than student debtor history that would go on to expose one of the most  corrupt and criminal industries in US history—an industry that is still fleecing billions of dollars from the US Treasury and taxpayers while destroying the lives of student borrows and co-signers on a never-before-seen scale.

“It took me nearly 3-years but I discovered that lenders, guarantors, loan collectors and others were working in concert to bilk student borrowers and primarily taxpayers out of so much money that even Bernie Madoff himself would be astounded,” she exclaimed! “I notified the US Attorney General and the US Trustee but they were not interested in one of the largest fraud schemes ever hatched against the US Treasury so I moved on,” she said.

Ms Green went on to describe the most diabolically clever fraud system ever devised by the student loan industry. To truly understand and appreciate it would take far too much space here but over the coming months, we hope to bring you the full sordid story. All the reader needs know for now is that the student loan system is using the bankruptcy system in novel ways to defraud US taxpayers out of millions of dollars. And that they are using other fraud systems that mount their illicit profits far higher; all on the backs and misery of student debtors and co-signers.

“I saved all of my court documents and reports and research and I am writing a book to teach other students how to discharge their student loans in a way that is much faster and easier than the way I did it. There are a lot of loopholes and tricks in the system that nobody knows about, including all those ridiculously lying expert lawyers. It’s time we kill off the student debt prison system because the system was never intended to harm students or taxpayers or our country but that is exactly what it’s doing now and it has to be fixed,” she said.

Ms. Green says she doesn’t have a book title yet so if it interests you, you’ll need to check back with us at Until then, all you student debtors need to keep hope alive because powerful help is coming!


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  1. Brandon Wigglesworth | January 18, 2015 at 8:20 am | Reply

    I wish I could get more info. MOHELA, NSLDS, ECMC, Department of Education, and the Bankruptcy court have all pointed fingers at each other and ultimately fall back on “student loan debt cannot be discharged in Bankruptcy.” I had to file a Chapter 13, I paid for 5-years under the impression that all claims were filed correctly, but there is a scam they have figured out where they make significantly more money by filing the claim for Federal Student Loan debt differently than the IRS so that they do NOT get pain in the Chapter 13 plan, instead they put the billing on hold for 5 years, accrue interest, collect payment from the Trustee, and send a bill when the debtor thinks everything is settled for thousands more than the original loan, disgusting.

  2. God bless Ms. Green!!! I am also beyond stress and intimidation from these vultures, creeps and predators who feel powerful and are so greedy that they have to force us students into being indentured servants!! I will keep an eye out for the book and my ears open to good news where we can defeat these criminals who want to bilk us just because we want to improve our lives through education and higher education.
    The two schools I went were for profit schools — I did not know the difference then until after I “graduated” from those two schools and saw the total debt I owed and still climbing!!! If I am not mistaken it has gone up quadruple since I last remember!!! Outrageous!!
    Please keep me informed. I will appreciate it very much.


  3. Thank you very much, Ms. Green and this wonderful website!!! You gave me strength to keep my head up and not stress out. The only thing to fear is fear itself. I won’t allow these collections agencies to intimidate me. They’re pesky flies as far as I am concerned. The schools were good at luring us who did not realize that we were going to be their indentured servants including our families. The tables will be turned on these criminals soon.

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