Rebuilding After Our Website Attack

We apologize to our users and members but we recently underwent a devastating website attack that destroyed our website. Attempts at repair with our backups proved impossible due to file corruptions so we are rebuilding from scratch as best we can. Please bear with us as we take this opportunity to make the Student Debt War Project bigger and better than ever before.

Making A Difference

Did you know that the SDWP is the only grass roots group on student debt with its own Congressional Bill Proposal written by experts from the viewpoint of student debtors? Your growing support for this project is truly making a difference. Our bill proposal will enter Congress later this year and will address the vast majority of issues and problems that are not addressed in current bill proposals already sponsored in Congress. Keep fighting because victory is coming for us all!

E-Mail Subscribers Alert

If you were a past e-mail subscriber to any aspect of the SDWP, we are sorry but your data was destroyed. You will need to sign-up again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

eMail re-Sign-Up

In the SUBJECT SECTION, choose ONE of these CODES:

1) Free Member / Supporter

2) Monthly Newsletter

3) Send Me Book Alerts

4) All Of The Above

5) Join Class Action Lawsuit

6) Bill Review Committee – Applicant (include your credentials in the description section)

NOTE: We do not spam. You may get from 1 to 2 e-mails per month from us—that’s it! Your e-mail address is never shared by us.

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