Student Debtors Still Brain Washed

One of the most amazing things we see here at the Student Debt War Project (SDWP) is a score of activists groups still spouting untruths about student debt and how to eliminate it legally. For example, some groups are still telling student debtors that student loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, perhaps the worse deceit in the industry. And its perpetrated daily by activists who are completely unfamiliar with the law, for starters.

Some groups believe in unicorns and that the US government and taxpayers are going to just “forgive their debts”. Even one self-anointed lawyer has taken up the charge but after repeated failures, still refuses to accept the reality of the situation. Taxpayers do not support such a position and neither will Congress so why beat a dead cat!

Some groups have lots of great information and fact-based articles and resources to offer. And then they have misleading advice, telling students all sorts of things that are not true with respect to the laws in most states.

Other groups push for grass roots activism and action but have no end-game, nothing to aim for or achieve. They march, but why? Their protests are akin to a baby stomping its feet when it does not get its way. What’s the point? Who cares? They achieve nothing because they do not understand the need for concrete goals and objectives. They do not understand how grass roots activism is done professionally so they waste everyone’s time and burn-up goodwill and hope. Sad!

What is perhaps worse is that many nonprofits have sprouted up to help students lower their monthly payments. What most students are not aware of is that they are being tricked into giving up their legal rights and future. They  are often signing on to alternative payment plans that, in many cases, will permanently ensure they become debt slaves to the US government for life. Very sad!

Most students are not savvy about college borrowing because nobody has informed them of their rights and duties. They often have no clue about the loan process or how it will likely harm their future, in spite of their education. The level and magnitude of ignorance across student debtors is truly shocking.

Fighting ignorance is just one of the reasons the SDWP was started up.

The point is that students need to start helping each other and when they learn the hard realities and facts, they need to teach other students before they become victimized debtors. We need a well informed student debtor society so we can all help each other avoid the snake pits that seem to have taken over everywhere.

If you work with a law and you find it works for you, report it to us and we will verify it and report it on the SDWP website. Use this unique and powerful resource and its people who are us, who have been there and beat the system. Learn from them. And participate. Help to teach us all with your own experiences. Make SDWP better because it is for you and us all. It is by us, for us. Simple.

The SDWP is not like many other groups. It is not secretly set-up and funded by the student lending industry. If you want to know the truth, it is really a group of very pissed off professionals who were student debtors too and they are now giving back and trying to help other students. They get no reward for it. No cash. No thanks. Just satisfaction for helping students get justice.

The SDWP was not created for you alone but you alone can make a difference. Let’s all learn and help one another to learn and fight back. If you have a question, ask it. If you have a verified fact to share, share it. If you don’t know, say so because there are many others like yourself who also do not know and do not want the wrong answers. And above all, quit being a student debtor still brain washed. Get informed. Inform others. Participate. Be a part of the solution. Be appreciated. Take help. Give help. Be helpful. And if and when you can, lend the SDWP a hand. Help the next student debtor out there to avoid the mistakes you made. Tell your story. And above all, never give up the fight!

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